Battlefield 2042 3D Spotting is Being Added Back, “Significant Rework” of Ping System Planned by DICE

DICE isn’t just introducing a new Specialist, map and new weapons in Battlefield 2042’s Season 3 “Escalation,” but even 3D spotting is making a return as well! Yep, you read that right! Battlefield 2042 3D spotting will be a thing very soon.

This was confirmed by DICE during an invite-only press event this month where Season 3 was discussed. In an online Q&A conducted on Discord, Lead Game Designer Florian Le Bihan confirmed that 3D spotting isn’t just exclusive to a Specialist’s perk/ability, and he even goes to share that the game’s ping system is also getting a “significant rework.”

Q: Is 3D spotting back in the game? Or is it just the new character’s perk?

Florian LeBihan: It is yes, Ping system is getting an update that removes location ping and makes all pings contextual only + adds spotting. This should give some responsiveness to the system and make information shared always relevant/less out of date.

We are planning a significant rework of the Ping System, these changes are aimed at reducing the complexity of the existing ping system that we have in the game today. Which should hopefully allow for improvements to the pacing and accuracy of communication between your teammates.

When you factor in the major change coming to Specialists to make them fall more in line with traditional classes, then BF2042 should feel more like a traditional Battlefield game. Mind, I know it’s long overdue, but at least it’s on the way.

For those not familiar with 3D spotting in Battlefield games, this marks an enemy with a red triangle that can be seen by allies and on the mini-map. We’re curious whether DICE will bring it back exactly the same or make tweaks to it. Either way, it’s still an improvement compared to what we have now in BF2042.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see 3D spotting in action during the capture event we attended. Given that the Specialist rework is due in “early 2023,” then there’s a big possibility that this spotting feature will be part of that significant update as well.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 launches on November 22, and you can check out the complete breakdown of the new content and changes coming with that right here.

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