Hideki Kamiya teases Bayonetta 4

Bayonetta 4 Hideki Kamiya

PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya has commented on Bayonetta 4. Kamiya was a director on the first game, supervisor on the second, and supervising director on the third entry.

Kamiya’s comments came about in response to a fan question on social mediain which he said that an unexpected twist is in store. Additionally, he seems to feel that many people did not properly understand Bayonetta 3’s ending.

Keep in mind that spoiler-related information follows below.

In a comment on TwitterKamiya mentioned that he does not want fans to accuse him of adding things later. He went on to say that those who reached the end of Bayonetta 3 won’t be surprised by what happens in Bayonetta 4. We don’t have specifics, but Bayonetta 3 is said to have laid the groundwork for Bayonetta 4.

Bayonetta 4 could see Viola be the main star of the series going forward. We also learn that different Bayonettas were featured in the series’ three games instead of one Bayonetta who develops throughout the series.

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