NVIDIA has sold 160K GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards already, but stores are still full of RTX 4080s

NVIDIA RTX 40 sales reports

The RTX 4080 is not selling particularly well on the first week.

First estimates on RTX 40 series sales have been shared by a few sources, but even despite impressive numbers retailers are worried it may not be as popular choice as RTX 4090.

According to Wccftech and Chi11eddogthe RTX 4090 has sold in 130K units already, a 5K more since yesterday’s report from GamerNexus. That is indeed an impressive number for such an expensive graphics card, but it also reveals one problem, which is a lack of competition from other companies and NVIDIA themselves.

Chances are if someone is willing to spend more than 1000 USD on a graphics card, he would rather pick RTX 4090 instead, which costs ‘just’ a few hundred dollars/euro more than RTX 4080. This is reportedly true for many retailers who were struggling to sell the launch stock of RTX 4080 this week, which was not the case with RTX 4090.

As reported by MLID, retailers would sell RTX 4090 cards faster than RTX 4080, often being left with 1/2 or 1/3 of the launch stock. Consumers complain that the RTX 4080 is simply not good enough to justify its price.

RTX 4080 inventory still in stores, Source: FPSHUB & Sabin

The RTX 4080 is the primary competitor for the upcoming AMD Radeon RX 7900 series. Being left with an overpriced option, gamers may choose competing products instead Not to mention the fact that AMD cards are simply going to cost less. However, AMD’s main problem has always been the low launch stock and thus far the company made no promises how many cards will be ready for launch.

Source: Wccftech, Chi11eddogMLID

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