At A Loss For Words? Try A Teleprompter

With everyone doing videos these days, you might want to up your narration game with a teleprompter. [Modern Hobbyist] can help. Since he does videos — like the one about the teleprompter below — we assume he built it out of his own need for the device. Actually, this is his second teleprompter. The first one was larger and not battery-powered, so this new version offers more portability. The camera shoots through the teleprompter screen so you can look right at the camera and still stay on script.

The project reuses some of the original teleprompter code, showing a text file via a Raspberry Pi. There’s also a control keyboard that lets you remotely control the scrolling speed. The real key to this project though is the 3D printed housing. Well, that and the reflective glass screen. Given that, you could do the actual text display in a number of ways.

Apparently, the portability of the build is limited somewhat by the weight of the camera. You could, of course, use something lighter or perhaps add some weight opposite to at least balance it a bit. The 3D printing files are on Thingiverse and the rest is on GitHub, so you can easily make changes if you want.

You would think we would see more teleprompter projects, and we do see some. We’ve also seen a hack to let you look through your laptop screen on video conferences.

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