Modern Warfare 2 Players to Unlock Guns Early

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has introduced a huge array of important new features and gameplay changes compared to its predecessor, but it seems that its DMZ mode also affords players a way to side-step the core Modern Warfare 2‘s weapon unlocking system. With three big COD experiences running in parallel to one another, it was to be expected that there’d be some overlap and cross-progression between the three, but their systems and features are very interconnected indeed.


While the new version of Call of Duty: Warzone is certainly a crucial release, the franchise’s all-new DMZ mode is making headlines as well. A hybridized PvPvE multiplayer mode, it allows players to take dynamic expeditions into the battle royale map of Al Mazrah to unlock unique cosmetics and progression items. One of its marketed features, however, could be a huge boon for players who wish to avoid excessive grind.

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Specifically, players unhappy with Modern Warfare 2‘s Gunsmith and its grind-heavy manner of unlocking new weapons and attachments may be able to side-step the feature entirely by playing DMZ. Simply extracting from DMZ with a given weapon equipped unlocks it in Modern Warfare 2‘s regular multiplayer modes. Players looking to quickly unlock grind-heavy weapons such as the Bizon-inspired Minibak can rely on DMZ extracts to get it in a matter of minutes. DMZ, therefore, allows veteran players to help out their newbie peers by dropping weapons for them and helping to extract them.

Warzone 2 Ghillie Suit

It’s also worth highlighting that this behavior isn’t a bug, either. Much as is the case with Modern Warfare 2‘s DMZ-based M13B unlock, this too is intended behavior according to the official DMZ breakdown posted by Infinity Ward. And, of course, since DMZ does pit player squads against one another, extracting isn’t always easy and simple. Still, it’s a curious alternative to what some may consider an excessive, grind heavy unlock system, and it’s certain to be a boon to some players.

While many players worry about Modern Warfare 2 getting sidelined by War zone 2due to the battle royale being free-to-play and a more broadly popular experience, most things so far point to Infinity Ward and its support studios balancing all three core COD experiences alongside one another. Time will tell how this situation pans out, but Season 1 is overall looking promising at this time.

An obvious issue that has cropped up almost immediately upon the battle royale’s release is that Modern Warfare 2‘s time-to-kill is problematic for War zone 2. Taking a person down in mere seconds works for super speedy arena shooters like the baseline COD multiplayer, but it doesn’t pan out in the context of a battle royale.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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