Crunchyroll Hime to Star in Hime’s Quest Game Boy Color Game

Those who use the Crunchyroll streaming service may be familiar with the company mascot Crunchyroll-Hime, and soon she will star in a game. Limited Run Games will sell a Game Boy Color game featuring here, titled Hime’s Quest. It is in pre-production. It will come out in Winter 2022 and cost $44.99. People will also be able to play it for free in browsers and download a GBC rom of it.

Pre-orders will close on December 25, 2022. You can get a physical cartridge for the game when you purchase it, as well as the manual and a poster. If you purchase from the Crunchyroll store, you can get the cartridge in the signature Crunchyroll orange. Limited Run Games offers a blue cartridge.

Here are some screenshots from the game:

The plot of the game puts you in the shoes of Crunchyroll-Hime. You have to save your club from Y2K, as the nefarious bug threatens the Anime Club’s DVD/VCR combo player. Y2K is a reference to the Millennium Bug, and was the belief that computer programs would simply stop working when it became 2000. Many people believed that the bug would destroy global infrastructure as computers became unable to function, and stocked up on supplies as if it was the apocalypse.

It will play like a hack-and-slash. Hime will traverse through dungeons, deserts, and haunted forests in order to save the Anime Club. It will also contain lots of references to Japanese anime and manga culture. For example, Junji Ito is in this game and he loves spirals. This alludes to Uzumaki.

Hime’s Quest will come out in Winter 2022. It will be playable in browsers, via a ROM, or on the Game Boy Color. You can pre-order it from Limited Run Games or from the official Crunchyroll store until December 23, 2022.

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