Pokémon’s ‘awful’ 1000th monster has not gone down well with fans

It finally happened. After 26 long years and countless new monsters, Pokémon has finally exceeded 1000 unique creatures.

That’s right, kids: As of the recently released Pokémon Scarlet and Violetthere are 1008 monsters to catch, train, and battle with. While some would argue that’s far too many, I would disagree, wait, I’d agree. 1000 is too many. And if you needed further proof, just look at what developer Game Freak dredged up from the depths of hell to be Pokémon number 1000.

The 1000th Gholdengo is none other than Gholdengo, a steel/ghost-type that looks an awful lot like a gold Cheese String. It evolves from Gimmighoul after you collect the 1000 Gimmighoul coins scattered throughout Paldea.

As you can see from the reaction on Twitter, people aren’t really a fan of Gholdengo. Probably because it looks absolutely bloody awful.

Look. I kind of get that Game Freak wanted to do something a bit different with Pokémon number 1000. I get that the shiny gold motif is supposed to be representative of a real milestone. But did they have to make it look like a crappy trophy that gets given out at some obscure crypto awards show? Did it really have to be this way?

I’m not sure it did. But it’s happened now, and we just have to live with Gholdengo. I’ll see you in another 26 years for the reveal of the 2000th Pokémon.

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