Square Enix trademarks Paranormasight and The Portopia Serial Murder Case in Japan; Bandai Namco Studios trademarks potential indie games

Square Enix filed trademarks for “Paranormasight” and “The Portopia Serial Murder Case” on November 10 in Japan, which were made public today.

The Portopia Serial Murder Case is an adventure game designed by Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii and originally released for PC-6001 in June 1983. The trademark could suggest some sort of remake or remaster is planned.

Koei Tecmo Games also filed trademarks for “Metaverse Daikoukai Jidai” (Uncharted Waters) “Metaverse Hadou,” “Metaverse Musou,” (Warriors) “Metaverse Nioh,” “Metaverse Sangokushi” (Romance of the Three Kingdoms), and “Metaverse The Sui Code” (Bandit Kings of Ancient China) on November 11. These trademarks are likely for protective purposes, as the company filed trademarks for names such as “Isekai Musou” (Other World Warriors), “Gakuen Musou” (Academy Warriors), and “Tensei Musou” (Warriors Reincarnation) several years back.

Bandai Namco Studios also trademarked names and logos for “Endrays,” “Excycle,” “Hook & Kaiju,” and “Shigeru Planet” on the same date.

Bandai Namco Studios Trademarks

While games published by Bandai Namco are usually trademarked by Bandai Namco Entertainment, games developed Bandai Namco Studios subsidiary / independent games label GYAAR Studio are usually trademarked by Bandai Namco Studios. That being said, these are likely new independent projects set to come out of GYAAR Studio, which have so far been published by Phoenixx (Survival Quiz CITY, Goonect).

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