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Great | Differentiating Features
High versatility, exceptional sound quality

Good | Must Have It
Bass response is good enough not to need a subwoofer

Average | Competitors May Be Better
Frequency response isn’t perfect for studio monitors, expensive

Many PC users, including enthusiasts, do not need to use a professional sound setup on their machine. However, keen home musicians and other audiophiles may want to give their computers the same level of consideration towards audio hardware as a keen gamer would with graphics cards.

Active studio monitors are speakers with built-in amplifiers that are designed to give a neutral frequency response – ie the sound isn’t colored or altered by the speakers. This ensures that any audio being played is heard exactly as it was intended to; vital for musicians and video editors, but also desired by those who prefer their audio as natural as possible.

However, if you’re using your PC for music/video work and other activities, such as gaming, then you’ll need a set of studio monitors that are as versatile as possible. Klipsch’s The Fives easily meet that requirement, as they can be used as a hi-fi system, PC desktop speakers, or even part of a home cinema setup, thanks to its HDMI ARC input.

Connectivity is a key strength of The Fives compared to other studio monitors, so you’ll have no issue hooking it up to any desktop PC or laptop. The speakers come with a 13 feet (4m) cable to connect them together, as well as USB (A to B) and HDMI ones. The package also includes a remote controller to operate everything from a distance.

But The Five’s greatest strength has to be the sound quality. It is nothing short of stunning, especially when compared to a typical set of desktop PC speakers, although as studio monitors, they’re not perfect. The frequency response isn’t completely flat, so professional musicians would probably do better looking elsewhere.

The volume can reach truly thunderous levels, thanks to the 160W of combined RMS power, with no immediately detectable distortion. Despite their relatively compact size, just 12 inches (305mm) tall, they can easily fill a room with crystal-clear sound.

There’s support for attaching an additional subwoofer, but the bass response is good enough as it is to not require one; there’s also a Dynamic Bass EQ that can be used to prevent neighbors from complaining too much or for tweaking the low frequencies to exactly how you want them. Yes, they are expensive but for the sheer versatility they offer, The Fives are the studio monitors to pick.

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