Ubisoft shares Splinter Cell remake update and new concept art

Splinter Cell has just had its 20th anniversary and to celebrate, Ubisoft has shared a video discussing the series so far, as well as revealing some concept art and details about the Splinter Cell remake.

Ubisoft has revealed a few tidbits of information and some early concept art of its upcoming Splinter Cell remake. The series has celebrated its 20th anniversary, which the publisher commemorated with a video discussing some of its highlights.

Splinter Cell 20th anniversary video

Revealed last year, the Splinter Cell remake is in development at Ubisoft Toronto and is said to be rewriting the game’s story for a new audience. Now, the team has shared a little information about what we can expect from the upcoming stealth game.

When discussing the remake, technical director Christian Carriere said that the game will be offering audio and visual updates to create “compelling and detailed settings.” Special forces AI will be offering more depth to the game as well, by “breaching differently or entering rooms differently” to that of regular soldiers. How far that extends to other AI is yet to be revealed, though. For players, we can expect Sam Fisher’s “cat-and-mouse” gameplay with enemies to be improved upon.

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While the updates that have been shared aren’t exactly huge news, we’re still excited to see and hear that progress is being made on this remake. What do you think about the little information we have about the remake so far? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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