Wild Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Glitch Lets You Run At Double Speed

Pokémon Scarlett spirit Violet have a ton of bugs and performance issues that have slowly been revealing themselves in the days since it launched, but not all of them are bad. One newly discovered glitch actually lets players run at double speed if they trick the game into recognizing two controllers simultaneously. It could be a game changer for speedrunners, if they don’t mind being forced to move diagonally.

The exploit was found over the weekend by Reddit user Hamsterhead64 and shared on Twitter by user Munosnail. If you sync your Joy-Con separately as two different players, the game will still recognize both, seemingly as two unique players. But because there’s only one Pokémon trainer to control, both thumbsticks will go towards moving the same object, effectively doubling the speed at which you can explore the Paldea region. my city tested it and sure enough, it works.

There’s a catch though, and it’s that the glitch only seems to double your movement speed while running diagonally. To compensate for this limitation, Reddit user Hamsterhead64 continuously swivels the camera around to make it easier to navigate. The strange bug already has some players fantasizing about hooking up four Joy-Con and playing the second pair with their feet.

While not necessarily the most practical way to play the game for normies, it could end up being a key strategy for speedrunners. They’ve been known to traverse games in all manner of weird ways, from swimming through the air in Axe: Shadows Die Twice to beat the whole game while jumping backwards in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Whether this particular double-speed glitch will be allowed in official record runs is another question since it appears to be unique to the Joy-Con hardware.

But given the current buggy state of Scarlett spirit Violetit seems fair to say that players haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of how to break the latest games in the series. They’ve already managed to climb up mountains by jumping backwards while riding the Legendary Pokémon mount Koraidon. It’s exactly the type of junk you might find in sprawling RPGs like Skyrimwhich is fitting since that’s about how old Pokémon Scarlett spirit Violet look.

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